Don’t Hate the Player. Hate the Game.

The culture of the construction business can easily be compared to major league baseball. The culture of the major leagues is fun and glamorous, but the competition is extreme and the challenges never cease. If you’re not getting on base, then you’re not going to make it in the show for very long.

The St. Louis Cardinals recently fired their coach, Mike Matheny, one of the most respected players/coaches in the game. He took his team to the playoffs his first three years as coach and won the division championship in just a short time. This year he is just a few games behind in the wild card race at mid year, but management cannot afford to miss the playoffs for a third season in a row. The Cardinals expect championships and they are not going to be complacent in the hope of improvement. They fired Mike Matheny at the mid point of the season this week in an effort to improve the second half of the season. They make the changes necessary to improve and win now.

Most repeat winners are hated by the competition. There are more haters of champions than fans. It’s tough being a winner, but the fear of losing is much worse.

Fear is a powerful motivator. I fear losing my job every day. I wake up every day thinking about what I need to do to secure the lifestyle I want for my family. 100% commitment to my wife, my kids and my job. We need to be fearful we are going to get beat by our competition. We need to be fearful someone may outshine us in front of our clients. The motivation of fear is what pushes us to give 100% commitment to everything we do. If we put 100% effort toward our goals, the rewards will fall into place.

We are going to encounter new challenges every day. The pivot point between success and failure is how we approach these challenges and turn them into opportunities for improvement. Opportunities can pass us by at every turn if we become blind to the goodness around us.

As winners we must surround ourselves with the best team. We continue to look for the most talented, intelligent, and hard-working prospects to join our movement. Let’s continue to make the outsiders hate the game as we continue to win.

– Nathan Dunn
COO, Fulcrum Construction Group


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